The Pocket Business Lab

In-depth monthly income reports: This isn’t a normal income report that you see on a blog. We will do deep dives into every strategy that we implemented throughout the month, look at analytics, revenue, and plan out the next month.

Monthly deep dive competitor analysis: Every month YOU will choose a non-Pocket Business Member business of your choosing and do a deep analysis into their business. You’ll get to understand what makes them successful and what we would do to make their business even better.

Monthly funnel reviews: Want us to review your funnel? Each month we will randomly select someone in the Lab and do a full review of their sales funnel.

Monthly challenges: Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Each month we will set a new challenge that is meant to help you grow your business.

Monthly workshops: Each month we will host a workshop where you get to pick the topic.

Access to Private Community: You’ll get access to the private Lab Space within our Circle Community.

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